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Your holidays at Biscarrosse

Discover Biscarrosse

Situation Géographique

Biscarrosse is the third-biggest town in the Landes area and is composed of three hubs: Biscarrosse-Ville, Biscarrosse-Plage, and the Lake.

  • Biscarrosse Plage – Lake: 5 km
  • Lake – Biscarrosse Ville: 5 km
  • Biscarrosse Plage – Biscarrosse Ville: 10 km.

L'Océan s'offre à vous !

By choosing AU PITOTfor your next holidays, you can profit from the wonderful sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, the lake shores a few kilometres away, and the immense Landes Forest!

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Biscarrosse Plage offers sunbathing, swimming and the joys of naturism, but also a whole host of nautical sports for adults and kids: surfing, surf casting, lessons in surfing, beach clubs for infants, etc. Biscarrosse Ocean is a breath of fresh air offering quite wonderful sunsets.

You can also make the most of the leisure facilities such as Aventure Parc, tennis courts, archery, cycling tracks winding through the Landes Forest, the 27-hole golf course on the Lake Route, the cinema, the casino and the discotheque

Biscarrosse Plage is located a few kilometres from thefamous Bay of Arcachon and the Dune de Pilat – the highest dune in Europe, standing at a height of 117 m; from the summit you can admire Cap Ferret and the entire bay.

Biscarrosse Ville is a small, quiet town with historical links with seaplanes and aerospace– between 1930 and 1955 the town was the site where the Latécoère seaplanes were tested (Seaplanes Museum). Our town is also home to the Museum of Traditions and History of Biscarrosse where visitors can find out about the natural landscape of the region, the formation of dunes and lakes, and the forest dating back several centuries. To complete your initiation, what better than a charming trip out on a boat through the marshlands where the boatman will be your best guide.

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The Landes is an area with a strong culinary tradition: the local produce (duck and goose foie gras, magret, confit) mingles with that of the sea thanks to the proximity of the ports of Arcachon and Capbreton. At the Biscarrosse restaurants you can discover fish and seafood specialities and cuisine that is sometimes influenced by nearby Spain. Aquitaine is also the region that produces the world’s most famous wines: just an hour’s drive away, you can visit the Bordeaux wine area and the most prestigious wineries.

Biscarrosse also offers the beautiful lakes of Biscarrosse-Parentis and Biscarrosse-Cazaux, located just 10 minutes drive away from Au Pitot. A favourite spot among those who love nautical leisure in full safety, Biscarrosse Lake is a paradise for plant and animal life and is also well known for its wild shores which are accessible by boat or through the forest.

In Biscarrosse you can also practise the following sports and leisure activities: sailing, with courses and initiation lessons, surfing, squash and tennis, flights and aerial photography with the aerodrome, deep-sea diving with outings in the lake and the sea, water sports with hire of boats, sailboards, pedalos, canoes and kayaks in the harbour, and horse-riding. In summer, Course Landaise and bullfighting are among the popular outings, with the Dax and Mont de Marsan ferias where you will meet the local stilts-walkers perpetuating the customs and dances of years gone by. by. But every week in Biscarrosse, you can go down to the arena and watch the famous toro piscine games involving cows and a pool.